Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"We do not exist in isolation, yet so many photographs, supposed to be portraits, show us alone. We flow through time and are not frozen as a photograph is frozen. An archetypal analogy for life is the river. If Narcissus were to look at his image in a photograph instead of in a river he would not find a true representation of this process of dynamic change that is himself. The mirrored image changes with us, the photograph does not. "

Taken from 'Apparitions: A Meditation on the Portrait in Photography' by James McArdle an article I stumbled upon and enjoyed that can be found here.

And in other notes I'm posting a heads up that Erik Weeks has a book of portraits of his wife, now out and available to the masses, called "World Was in the Face of the Beloved". One may check it out and/or purchase it at Photo-eye.

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