Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Subtle destructions: the natural world perhaps symbolizing our internal nature?
I always wonder about those who turn to the land with their lens.
When I photograph places they usually look as awkward as I feel.
I know that some say every image we make is a self portrait... but is that actually true? How far can that be taken?

A quote that suits my fancy:
"The only nature I'm interested in is my own nature." - Aaron Siskind


ariane brejnik said...

interesting question...i would say no at first but i'll think of it and try to answer later on. Rich blog is your's !

Bill Guy said...

I've actually had some thoughts on this question recently. I wrote a short piece about it on my blog called Internal/External landscape. In the piece I discuss how Poe uses elements of a landscape, like a basement or cellar, to connote dark parts of the psyche. I like to think of my own work, though discussing a very real and external landscape, as also reflecting my own interior nature, or at least parts of it. The address of my blog: billguy.blogspot.com

Please take a look if you get the chance.