Tuesday, June 10, 2008

1. being, pertaining to, or resembling an obsession.
2. causing an obsession.
3. excessive, esp. extremely so.
4. someone who has an obsession or obsessions; a person who thinks or behaves in an obsessive manner.

I think by default most photographers, artists and other creative types (writers, filmmakers, etc) tend to be obsessive about something. It's what makes their work what it is. If the obsession wasn't there perhaps the work's strength would fall apart. Today I am posting a few things that I find engaging, telling, unique and well.. obsessive. Today I didn't rely on my inbox, rather sought out people who intrigued me. I have a daily project I have been working on since Jan 27, 2006 that mutates on an annual basis but never ceases to unravel. I can't stop regardless of how I feel from day to day. The reasoning behind daily routine image making varies from artist to artist. Sometimes its extremely simple in nature. Sometimes loaded. Diaristic. Scientific. Documentary. But for most, it becomes such an obsessive routine that goes on for years, sometimes decades, sometimes until death.

I've been looking a lot at Jamie Livingston's daily photographs since they surfaced across the Internet on various blogs. He took a polaroid every day from 1979 until his death in 1997. The photographs are playful upon first glance but seem both haunting, loving and oozing with emotion upon looking at them as a whole. The vouyer comes out. I can't turn away. His story is here.

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Ian Aleksander Adams said...

I totally agree with you about the leanings of creation towards obsession.