Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Polaroids have always had a soft spot in my photo-geekish heart.
I love the way they smell and the way they always have imperfections.
The following photographers work with polaroids on various projects.
There is something about the immediate, original, non-reproducible (for the most part) images they create and how all mistakes, coincidences and moments unrepeated are caught. These very things keep me from tossing away polaroid cameras even though I fail to ever buy the instant film they need.
I-Nan Kuo, Taiwan
Scott Hammond, Columbus, OH
Lucas, Kansas, 2005.
Lars Garten, Berlin/Germany.
From the series "Welcome at Grandma's Place"

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's Sunday night and I've just made it back from only trip I've made to Coney Island this summer. For those who aren't in the greater NY area or those who perhaps aren't tuned into the fact that this summer is the last summer that Coney Island will fully be intact before bulldozers and sledgehammers and construction zones cover the area to make way for condos, a new boardwalk and a more seasonal amusement park. Coney Island is one of the most, if not the most, historical amusement parks in the United States. It's very sad that the history there means less than the condos that will rise to the sky in it's place. On that sad note.. summer is coming to a screeching halt. This too makes me incredibly sad as I've been a bit too busy to travel further than an hours flight.. and travel makes me happier than anything.

Tonight's post includes photographs from three photographers out of the states. The photographs resonate for me as they have that strong impermanent feel that only travel and the road laid out before you can create.

Also.. wanted to apologize for my lack of wanderlustagraphy updates. Summer is meant for leisure and I've been too busy with work to enjoy that.
Jérôme Icardo, France
3 of 21 from the series "Nice Place to Dream About" a series shot between Scandinavia and the Balkans with an instant camera.
Chrischa Oswald, Austria/Germany
From the series "Being"
Andrew Phelps, Raised in Arizona, currently in Salzburg/Austria
From the project: Nature de Luxe

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's quite amazing that a near complete story can be built by placing one photographer's work next to another. I enjoy the narrative that is built within these three images. The color palette and mood works quite well. The idea that photography allows us all to be voyeurs and photographs allow us to study the lives of others in order to relate to one another is pretty fascinating. Before delving any deeper into that, I'll leave you on that note to ask what part of that might be true for you with your image making? In addition.. what draws you to look at anothers work?
Patti Hallock, Brooklyn, NY.
Nelson Chan, NJ, RI, Hong Kong.
Unofficial title: Judy at a cancer walk in NJ.
Tristan Zamula, Brooklyn, NY.