Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's entries coincidentally all came in the past few days and all have a sense of:
Function: noun
1 : a cause of or occasion for wonder
3 : curiosity about something
Jimmy Limit, Montreal, Canada
Balloon Faces
Jérôme Icardo, Paris, France
Normal Horse 3/5, 2007
Alec Quig, South Bend & Bloomington, IN / NYC / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Feels Like Flight: Evan in Ironwood Crater

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's posting is made up of photographs that give me a strong case of wanderlust. It's in my desire to wander.... to wander further than common sense would take me... to wander out into wide open spaces.. off of those main highways on maps. It's the desire to constantly want to feel motion or perhaps to feel I've discovered some new place with a camera at arms length that gave me the idea to start this site in the first place. So cheers to wandering, discovering and documenting the unfamiliar. And on that note.. all the best to Timothy Briner for his six month long quest to document six towns named Boonesville in the US.
Judy Linn, b. Detroit, residing in NYC
Untitled, 1995
Timothy Briner, Brooklyn, New York (soon to be Boonville, MO)
Flight 331 (PHL to ORD), 2005
Roswell Angier,
Gallup, New Mexico, 1980

Monday, May 21, 2007

Today... portraiture explored. I contacted a few of the following photographers, asking them to participate in the collective. I was glad they were into it. Oh and Robin Schwartz has her series "My Amelia Project" up at Safe-T-Gallery in DUMBO if you are in the NYC area.
Robin Schwartz, Alpacas, Catskills, New York
Feeding Flat, August 2006, From My Amelia Project
Charles Freger, Rouen, France
Rikishi, 2002-2003
Christine Collins, NY

Monday, May 14, 2007

Movement, energy, organized activity, leaping, tossing, marching...
Documentary work of sorts.
Stephen DiRado, Worcester, MA
From the series "Jump"
Michael David Murphy, Atlanta, GA.
From the NASCAR Busch Series 2007
Marcia Lippman, New York City
U.S.M.A 1986 from the West Point series

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pausing between updates to catch up on life...
do stuff like graduate.
More to come next week.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Varying degrees of obscurities, ambiguities, subtleties...
Eric Chismar, Pittsburgh, PA
Shower Curtain
Brian Widdis, Detroit
Untitled (Kirk). Detroit. USA
Chrischa Oswald, Austria / Germany
From the series "Coloured Utopies
Dianne Davis, Toronto, Canada

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Multiple pieces to make a whole...
Three photographers that are creating work out of many images.

Wanderlustagraphy is just over two months old. There are currently around 70+ photographers from around the globe represented here. I think that's a pretty amazing thing for such a short amount of time passing by. I do have a lovely stockpile of images that I haven't placed into the mix yet. However I would love to keep getting more work. That said.. tell your friends.. tell your mama.. tell your boss... tell your lover... tell your schoolmates... tell somebody.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Julian Baron, Spain
Ninos de Nadie, Melilla, 2003
Brian Grady, Louisville, Kentucky
A neglected aisle of an old library: Louisville, Kentucky
Carina Downing, CA.
From the project Letters to Strangers