Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here's a mix of portraits... it's funny how throwing an open call out there on a rolling basis puts me in touch with photographers of every sort. For the longest time people kept sending me their freshest travel essays and images made on vacation in far away places. Then for a small period of time I got a lot of journalistic work. Now it's a melange. Highly commercial shooter here, fine artist there, portrait here, snapshot there. I enjoy the medley because it keeps me from growing weary of any trend that might be out there at the moment. Intertwines work from the far corners, from both sides of Art / Commerce. Sometimes blends them together. So I go through my email pool and see what surfaces each week.. try to piece together small themes to remind myself (perhaps others too) that photography in general need not be specifically labeled. It tends to boil down to the strength of the work and the presentation, *The ever important politeness in an email is highly highly recommended. Not sure how many times I get good work from a photographer that comes off rude in an email. It's just sort of unsettling.

Without any further ramblings... three (polite) photographers working in different ways, incorporating portraits into their work.
Billy Delfs, Cleveland, Ohio

Jesse Hlebo, Pasadena, CA soon to be NYC.

Andy Hurvitz, Van Nuys, CA.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Subtle destructions: the natural world perhaps symbolizing our internal nature?
I always wonder about those who turn to the land with their lens.
When I photograph places they usually look as awkward as I feel.
I know that some say every image we make is a self portrait... but is that actually true? How far can that be taken?

A quote that suits my fancy:
"The only nature I'm interested in is my own nature." - Aaron Siskind
Brian Widdis, Detroit
From the series "The Motor City"

Danielle Scruggs, Baltimore, MD
Forest, Chicago, 2007

Jon Pell, Brooklyn, NY

Monday, May 19, 2008

Apologies about my absence last week. I'll be posting a new entry tomorrow.
NY Photo Fest, graduations, going away parties, photo shoots and the like had me running around for a good amount of time. Things are settling.
I'm happy to get back to work. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pronunciation: \ˈtan-dəm\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, at last, at length (taken to mean “lengthwise”), from tam so; akin to Old English thæt that
Date: circa 1785

1 a (1): a 2-seated carriage drawn by horses harnessed one before the other (2): a team so harnessed b: tandem bicycle c: a vehicle (as a motortruck) having close-coupled pairs of axles2: a group of two or more arranged one behind the other or used or acting in conjunction
— in tandem
1: in a tandem arrangement2: in partnership or conjunction

Noticing their are a growing number of photographers that work in pairs. Here are a few to check out.
Tribble-Mancenido, Stone Ridge, NY

"AMOS is a portrait narrative of our friend Amy, now Amos. It is a celebration and documentation of physical change and an exploration of human sexuality. This ongoing project continues today and is taken within his bedroom apartments in Brooklyn.

We are beginning to explore the use of diptychs within our work, especially with this series. We are a married collaborative team that shoots in tandem, using both medium and large formats. What used to be a singular final image, we are now realizing the importance of separate images taken together and showing them side by side. As a man and woman, two separate individuals, the exchange of emotion between ourselves and our sitters vary between us. This is a beginning of one pairing..."

Trujillo-Paumier, Los Angeles, CA.
From their series "Hotcakes"

Anya Jasbär and Daniel Augschöll, Venice, Italy

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Truth, narrative, make-believe, fiction, document.

Photography allows for the real and the fantastic to be combined, creating another layer. These three photographs hold that air of mystery for me.
Thomas Prior, Brooklyn, NY
"Hotel Fire"

Jarrett Murphy, Elkins Park, PA.
"Highland Park"

Aaron Hobson, Adirondacks, Upstate NY