Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"As we go up, we go down"

- Guided by Voices
Alex Kisilevich
from the series '...and then you die.'

Matthew Swarts, Somerville, MA
Keegan Riley, 1999 from the series Children with Cancer

Michael Serra, Williamsport, PA

Cole Robertson
Breathless from the series Defaces

Friday, December 4, 2009

Some recent submissions and findings of abstraction in photography.
If you're looking for more artists dealing with photography and abstraction, check out Lyle Rexer's book "The Edge of Vision" published by Aperture.
Dillon DeWaters, New York, NY
from the series Science Fictions

Mackenzie Katter, Chicago, IL

Kevin Tadge, New York, NY
from the series Electro-Botanicals

Stephanie Del Monte, New York, NY
from the series Time to Live in the Scattered Sun

Mary Parisi, San Francisco, CA
Boiled Chicken