Monday, April 9, 2007

Call me homesick... but I wanted to get some of the kids working with the New Orleans Kid Camera Project onto wanderlustagraphy. I think they have amazing vision and take photos from the gut rather than any previous knowledge of what photos are supposed to look like. The project is amazing. There was plenty of really wonderful images to go through. I had a really hard time selecting these. I'm sure their organization would gladly accept and pass along feedback, donations... ect. Visit their site.

Their mission statement:

"The New Orleans Kid Camera Project was created to address the psychological andemotional impacts of Hurricane Katrina on children returning home to New Orleans. Through the use of photography, creative writing and mixed media, children from flooded neighborhoods explore their environment and express themselves, their stories and feelings with their friends. This project provides a venue for growth and recovery. By teaching the children tangible skills and exposing them to new means of expression, we hope to empower them to impact their lives and environment."

Jonas, age 9. 7th Ward, New Orleans.
The Silly Clap

"The silly clap, the silly clap, that's me doing the silly clap. I look good don't I? I have rings on my fingers."