Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Multiple pieces to make a whole...
Three photographers that are creating work out of many images.

Wanderlustagraphy is just over two months old. There are currently around 70+ photographers from around the globe represented here. I think that's a pretty amazing thing for such a short amount of time passing by. I do have a lovely stockpile of images that I haven't placed into the mix yet. However I would love to keep getting more work. That said.. tell your friends.. tell your mama.. tell your boss... tell your lover... tell your schoolmates... tell somebody.


1 comment:

Ken Shung said...

about last weekend and the silver hair, maybe I gave you one on friday when we were shooting that polaroid of your mom in the sunroof cruising on PCH.
that silver fell off moi and so you gots a long way to go before you see that silver hair like mine.
happy belated birthday AE. caio, Shung Daddy.