Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here's a mix of portraits... it's funny how throwing an open call out there on a rolling basis puts me in touch with photographers of every sort. For the longest time people kept sending me their freshest travel essays and images made on vacation in far away places. Then for a small period of time I got a lot of journalistic work. Now it's a melange. Highly commercial shooter here, fine artist there, portrait here, snapshot there. I enjoy the medley because it keeps me from growing weary of any trend that might be out there at the moment. Intertwines work from the far corners, from both sides of Art / Commerce. Sometimes blends them together. So I go through my email pool and see what surfaces each week.. try to piece together small themes to remind myself (perhaps others too) that photography in general need not be specifically labeled. It tends to boil down to the strength of the work and the presentation, *The ever important politeness in an email is highly highly recommended. Not sure how many times I get good work from a photographer that comes off rude in an email. It's just sort of unsettling.

Without any further ramblings... three (polite) photographers working in different ways, incorporating portraits into their work.

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