Monday, November 19, 2007

On Friday evening I was lucky enough to make it over to Timothy Briner's apartment for a party and get in some good conversation with him. He's been on the road a lot, working on his Booneville Project... and took a break while in town to have people over. It was a fantastic night.
One of the topics that came up was when photographers become voyeurs, using a camera as a means of looking into other people's lives...
To me, pretty much majority of the photographers I know, are voyeurs to some degree. We all get fascinated by lives that aren't ours...
sometimes we ask permission to enter and sometimes we just snap away unnoticed. He had taken a photograph of a salt and pepper porn channel while on his Booneville adventures... there's more that goes into it regarding the atmosphere.. but I'll leave that to Timothy.

Today's post involves wandering and lusting.... I strayed from the emails that have been piling up and started looking at old anonymous snapshots found on the web. Proof that throughout time... we photographers love being peeping toms (well at least I do). Enjoy. Have a great Thanksgiving and I'll be back to posting your entries next week.

voyeur (noun)
╚voyeur, Peeping Tom, peeper
╚perceiver; observer; beholder
╚spectator; witness; viewer; watcher; looker
a viewer who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others.

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