Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Traveling, gathering, touristing... there are some oddball moments to find out there if you have your camera at an arms length. Makes me wonder if there are times when my 35mm and some Agfa APX could do me good... that and some down time for wandering.


Looking for more submissions... though I have quite a few to go through. I wanted to throw it out there that this site isn't about one thing or another. It's about a collective of creative folks from around the globe. I believe most photographers love to travel, wander and explore. This site's aim is to bring awareness to how big our photo sphere is.. and to connect one another. I encourage visitors (both previously and not previously posted before) to send work. Encouraging those who feel they have a unique project, perhaps a new perspective. Portraits, landscapes, personal work, still life, a new project, an old project.... a sketch of a new idea...

And once again I encourage people visiting and people previously posted to comment and give feedback... to make suggestions... to include links. Whatever you think helps enable the creative process and perhaps aid in inspiring others.


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